Celebration of Life

The Foothills Centennial Centre is an ideal facility to host Memorials and Celebrations of Life ceremonies.

In conjunction with Snodgrass Funeral Homes and other local services, we would like to present some guidelines to make your event as trouble free as possible.


  • The big unknown is the number of persons who will be attending. We recommend you estimate on the high side as this allows for avoiding any last minute space creation, chair set-ups, wall removal, and sound and audio requirements.
  • Normally one room is theater seating with a maximum of 300 per 1/3 of total floor space. Another room is set aside for the reception afterwards where coffee, tea, beverages and food services can be set up while the service is taking place. We can estimate the number of chairs and tables you require based on the estimated numbers attending.
  • We recommend you rent the table linens you require for the day or you are welcome to bring your own. The FCC does not have a linen supply but we can arrange to rent linens if required. 2 to 3 working days is required.
  • You may cater your own event or contract with any number of local caterers who would be happy to supply food and beverage services.
  • The FCC does offer a Bar service but we would ask that you book this as far in advance as possible. See the Liquor Policy.
  • Full technical facilities are available for video tributes, background music. You can run your own and our In-House Technician will be happy to help you out, or you can contract with the Tech to take care of all production requirements. For Celebrations of Life, we recommend that tributes run no more than 10 to 12 minutes. Please note the FCC projection system is VGA and the screen dimensions are in 4:3 format. All sound is delivered thru a Fender Passport, 6 channel mixer with multiple inputs. A microphone is supplied.
  • We highly recommend you book an appointment with the FCC to inspect the facility and to finalize your arrangements.