FCC Rents


In addition to floor space rental, we have a rental division to help with your event planning.

Why run all over town when there is a good chance we have what you need right here.

All these items are for rent on a daily basis and will be added to the rental fees.

Whiteboards and Flip-charts
Screens and Projectors
Linens, napkins, chair covers
Plates, cutlery, crockery*
Sound and lighting equipment.
A/V technician
LED lights
Mirror tiles
DVD player, LED Monitor, VHS Video player
Overhead projector
Wireless Internet

*Note: The Commercial Kitchen does not have cooking utensils, pots or pans, spoons, bowls, jugs, rags or cloths etc. Linens, crockery and cutlery are rented from an outside supplier.

Technical Notes
WIFI is available to all rooms. $25.00 per day.

The Smith, Mesken and Woods Rooms all have ceiling mounted projection screens and projectors available for rent on a daily basis. Input is VGA  and HDMI via an adapter box. We can now accommodate Macs with Mac Graphics output. All 3 screens can be tied to one video source or they can be split using multiple laptops. The FCC does not supply a laptop for presentations. Always best to bring in your presentation well ahead of time so we can ensure it will work with our equipment.

We have numerous ways to broadcast audio in your rented room.

Please ask our Technician for advice.


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