Technical Info


Fender Passport Pro 300 portable audio system for the smaller rooms.

With numerous inputs accepting balanced and unbalanced devices, this versatile unit

is now available for rent. It features 300 watts of clear sound output combined with a pair of

high efficiency speakers. Wireless microphones are available. Ask our Tech for details.


The Smith, Mesken and Woods Rooms all have ceiling mounted Daylite projection screens and Hitachi projectors available for rent on an hourly or daily basis. Input is VGA and HDMI with an adapter box. Aspect ratio is 4×3. Resolution is 1024 x 768. We can now accommodate MacBooks with MacGraphics output. All 3 screens can be tied to one video source or they can be split using multiple laptops.  Always best to bring in your presentation, well ahead of time, so we can ensure it will work with our equipment.  A portable projector and smaller screen is for rent as well.

The Keith Hall and Smith Room has a ceiling mounted audio system with an EV speaker array and EV subwoofer. 4 x 500 watt QSC Amplifiers power the EV passive array with mixing capability via the 22 channel Mackie Onyx Mixer located in the sound booth at the rear of the room. Speaker control, foldback suppression and EQ is thru the DBX Driverack 260. Numerous microphone and audio inputs are located on the stage. Passive stage monitors are also available.

Use of this facility must be under the direct control of our in-house Technician and must be booked well ahead of time. Rates vary depending on the complexity of your production. We have an assortment of dynamic and condenser microphones plus wireless body-packs and mics.

We can now accommodate MacBooks with mini DVI display port to our big screen projection system. (VGA adapted) HDMI is now supported.

Due to limitations, all bands and DJs must supply all their own front-of-house and stage monitor equipment, plus microphones, amplifiers, lighting and other equipment. Electrical on the stage is limited. 110 volt service and 15 amp circuits are available on 3 outlets. 3 x 220 volt is available on 50 amp circuits but you will need to supply your own transformer.

Due to recent incidents, the use of smoke, fog or any device that produces airborne particles are prohibited in the facility.


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